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Semitropic Elementary School District

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Information Regarding the "Morgan Hill" Case

Dear Parents:

The District recently received an email from State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson with information about pending lawsuits (known as the  “Morgan Hill” cases).  We believe similar emails were sent to every school district and SELPA in the state of California.  Mr. Torlakson requested that we post a link on the district’s website for parents’ use in filing an objection to disclosure of information by the California Department of Education (CDE).

The email indicates various student records will be produced by CDE as part of those lawsuits. The court has ordered CDE to release the records under a protective order concerning their use.  We understand these records contain personally identifiable information on a vast number of public education students. The District is not releasing these records but CDE will be releasing them.  While the lawsuit is about compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504 Programs, there is no indication that the information to be released by CDE pertains only to students engaged in one or more of those programs.  We have no information about whether or not these records pertain to your student.

If you are interested in obtaining more information, the link (also posted on the district’s website) is here.

Again, the District is not releasing these records; we are providing this notice to you so you can determine whether or not to object to the release of records by CDE.

Semitropic History

Semitropic Elementary School District was established as a one room school house on April 1, 1895. Mrs. C. J., Clayton was the first teacher. The first class of students numbered only seven. Since its establishment in 1895, the mission has been to provide each child with the tools, techniques, attitudes, and values required for a student to become successful and contributing members of society.

The Semitropic School District is comprised of one school - Semitropic Elementary School Semitropic Elementary School is a traditional site based school that serves students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. 

Semitropic School District's predominant ethnic group is Hispanic (92%). Caucasian students make up 5% of the student population. African American students comprise 2%, while Asian students are 1% of the student population . Many of our students come to school from a variety of cultures and speak languages other than English. Semitropic Elementary School has one full-time administrator and 10 teachers, 100% of which are fully credentialed.

Semitropic School District has the goal of having 70% of all students performing on or above grade level as measured by district multiple assessment measures by 2015. The school provides staff with the necessary support to enable students to meet district grade level standards. Development of supplementary instructional opportunities is ongoing. Students have many opportunities to participation in extracurricular activities. Application of technology in the district-wide curricula is ongoing. Semitropic School District supports the development of a positive supportive school culture that fosters positive community and parent relations.

Vaccination Information
  • Semitropic School District has no reported cases of measles
  • Parents/guardians can feel confident sending their children to Semitropic School.
  • Semitropic School District School Nurses are in the process of providing outreach, vaccine referrals and support to students without immunizations
  • Persons born before 1957 may have protection from past infection with measles.  Those between 30 – 56 years of age represent over 60 % of the current measles cases.  The Kern County Public Health Services Department recommends that adults who have not had measles disease have a total of two measles containing vaccine.
  • For more information about the measles, please visit or
  • Additionally, you may contact the Kern County Public Health Services Department (661) 321-3000 for further information.